Wednesday, 31 August 2011

From a Ghost Ship To Underwater, This is Quite a Journey!

Naruto Shippuden episode 227
There’s this huge paucity of words I encounter, when I’m asked to describe this brave heart that goes around by the name of Naruto.
Needless to remind, you should tune in to Naruto Shippuden episode 227 and catch up with this aspiring ‘Hokage’ yet again.
It wasn’t long when Naruto boarded a ship and confronted a boy, Hishaku, only to realize at the end of this interaction that it was Hishaku’s ghost!
That gives me the impression that monsters weren’t enough, and now afterlife creatures are coming forth!
Naruto and his teammates thanked their stars, post their stint on the ghost ship. After all, it was nothing less than danger standing right behind them, ready to gash their flesh at any point of time.
Of course I don’t dwell on eulogy, but feats of this boy with a nine-tailed fox hidden inside him, amaze me all the time!
If that wasn’t enough, what the forthcoming sojourn held in its store was a slew of pirates, ready to wage an attack on Naruto and his accomplices.
If it wasn’t for the Wood Technique, Nar
uto taking refuge underwater and using the propelling force of hot springs to evade danger, perhaps, I’m saying ‘perhaps’ Naruto could have breathed his last!
God forbid that!
Titled, The Forgotten Island, its upcoming installment is due to be aired on September 1, 2011.
Now what does this alien land have to offer to exasperated Naruto and his group?
We certainly can’t predict that, for the very power of premonition loses its sheen in the wake of lurking danger, springing up and spreading its fangs in a dreadful manner.
All we can do is hope for the best, and expect Naruto’s wit coming in to rescue him from the fiercest of dangers!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Naruto Shippuden Gets Eerie with The Cursed Ghost Ship!

Naruto Shippuden Episodes
Hey guys!
The latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden seem to be taking the entertainment-factor to a never-before high. We have got ample of action, adventure and drama on our screens on this season, making for the most wholesome dosage of entertainment ever!
Naruto Shippuden episode 225 will take the thrill to its crescendo as it adds an element of horror to the already thrilling plot of the series. The episode’s title, ‘The Cursed Ghost Ship’ says it all about just how riveting this one is going to be!
We can’t wait to watch what the curse will be all about, and what will happen to the ship as the supernatural powers take it over. What is for sure is that Naruro and his allies, Yamato, Maito Guy and Aoba, will not be alone on this mission, since they now have Sakura, Ino and Choji, as well as the Benisu Ninjas to keep them company.
Be sure to download the episode right when it airs on August 18, 2011, to see what happens when these diverse forces come together in a battle against a common foe. Will Naruto finally be able to reach the Hidden Cloud, or will he have to give up his efforts midway? That remains to be seen as the episode airs!
As for Sakura, we couldn’t be gladder about her reappearance on the show. Each time that Naruto and Sakura have shared screen space before, there has always been an abundance of thrill and intrigue, and we are sure that this time is not going to be any different. So, be sure to stay glued to your screens this Thursday night, to see what the greatest animation show ever to be made has in store for you next!