Wednesday, 31 August 2011

From a Ghost Ship To Underwater, This is Quite a Journey!

Naruto Shippuden episode 227
There’s this huge paucity of words I encounter, when I’m asked to describe this brave heart that goes around by the name of Naruto.
Needless to remind, you should tune in to Naruto Shippuden episode 227 and catch up with this aspiring ‘Hokage’ yet again.
It wasn’t long when Naruto boarded a ship and confronted a boy, Hishaku, only to realize at the end of this interaction that it was Hishaku’s ghost!
That gives me the impression that monsters weren’t enough, and now afterlife creatures are coming forth!
Naruto and his teammates thanked their stars, post their stint on the ghost ship. After all, it was nothing less than danger standing right behind them, ready to gash their flesh at any point of time.
Of course I don’t dwell on eulogy, but feats of this boy with a nine-tailed fox hidden inside him, amaze me all the time!
If that wasn’t enough, what the forthcoming sojourn held in its store was a slew of pirates, ready to wage an attack on Naruto and his accomplices.
If it wasn’t for the Wood Technique, Nar
uto taking refuge underwater and using the propelling force of hot springs to evade danger, perhaps, I’m saying ‘perhaps’ Naruto could have breathed his last!
God forbid that!
Titled, The Forgotten Island, its upcoming installment is due to be aired on September 1, 2011.
Now what does this alien land have to offer to exasperated Naruto and his group?
We certainly can’t predict that, for the very power of premonition loses its sheen in the wake of lurking danger, springing up and spreading its fangs in a dreadful manner.
All we can do is hope for the best, and expect Naruto’s wit coming in to rescue him from the fiercest of dangers!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Naruto Shippuden Gets Eerie with The Cursed Ghost Ship!

Naruto Shippuden Episodes
Hey guys!
The latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden seem to be taking the entertainment-factor to a never-before high. We have got ample of action, adventure and drama on our screens on this season, making for the most wholesome dosage of entertainment ever!
Naruto Shippuden episode 225 will take the thrill to its crescendo as it adds an element of horror to the already thrilling plot of the series. The episode’s title, ‘The Cursed Ghost Ship’ says it all about just how riveting this one is going to be!
We can’t wait to watch what the curse will be all about, and what will happen to the ship as the supernatural powers take it over. What is for sure is that Naruro and his allies, Yamato, Maito Guy and Aoba, will not be alone on this mission, since they now have Sakura, Ino and Choji, as well as the Benisu Ninjas to keep them company.
Be sure to download the episode right when it airs on August 18, 2011, to see what happens when these diverse forces come together in a battle against a common foe. Will Naruto finally be able to reach the Hidden Cloud, or will he have to give up his efforts midway? That remains to be seen as the episode airs!
As for Sakura, we couldn’t be gladder about her reappearance on the show. Each time that Naruto and Sakura have shared screen space before, there has always been an abundance of thrill and intrigue, and we are sure that this time is not going to be any different. So, be sure to stay glued to your screens this Thursday night, to see what the greatest animation show ever to be made has in store for you next!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Genin, Chunin and Jonin: The Three Ranks of Ninja Warriors! Where Does Naruto Uzumaki Stand?

Naruto Shippuden episodes
There is so much to explore in Naruto World that even if you take a whole year off, you would still find something unknown and unheard, popping out every now and then.
Take for example the Ninja ranks: Genin, Chunin, and Jonin. Each rank has a significance of its own, and all of them play vital role in both the manga and anime series. Having said that, let’s know about the ranks and find out if our hero Naruto Uzumaki comes under any one of these.
The most powerful rank is Jonin, and a highly experienced combatant gets the chance to hold that status. A ninja with the Jonin rank usually gets to undertake A-rank missions in Naruto Shippuden episodes. However, in case of urgent requirements, an experienced Jonin might be assigned S-rank missions, which are touted to be the hardest ones to accomplish.
Next comes, Chunin! Also know as a Journeyman Ninja or Middle Ninja, this rank is given to someone who has passed through the early stage of flaunting his or her prowess. Once a Ninja acquires the leadership qualities, this rank is assigned. A combatant with suck rank is handed over the responsibility of helping out other ninjas.
Last but not the least, we have Genin. This rank is awarded to someone who is relatively new to the art of fighting. Naruto Uzumaki has been attributed the junior Ninja rank, but I believe that he has already transcended its aura, and easily qualifies to become one of the Kage, the most powerful ninja.
With the feisty nine-tailed demon trapped inside him, our flamboyant ninja has the capability to conquer all. Download Naruto Shippuden to find out his new quest, which has Sasuke at stake.
His incredible combat abilities along with the tinge of supernatural do not just find their way into the TV series, but they have also left a mark in other media, including movies.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Terror Of Wicked Kabuto Looms Large, Time For Naruto To Call Shots!

Our ninja hero Naruto is unable to decide whether or not to unleash the nine-tailed demon fox within him. On the other hand, wicked Kabuto has already waged a war against the ninja warriors.
Naruto Shippuden episode 222 is likely to bring a dual-minded protagonist, and the need of the situation might compel him to pay a heavy price.
I can assure you that the aftermath of the upcoming incidents would change things in ninja village of Konohagakure forever.

naruto shippudenThe advent of tailed beast means inexplicable destruction, and it’s only up to the super ninja to curb its dark power. Similarly, being a rogue ninja himself, if Kabuto isn’t stopped in time, Konohagakure would soon become a slave village. Double trouble is in order, and it remains to be seen how Naruto utilizes his wit and strength to deal with it.
The real intentions of the rogue ninja are not known, and with Orochimaru's power, making its way into him, Kabuto would be stronger than ever.
If Naruto confronts him, the most baffling part to watch would be the battle between the two ninja warriors. That means we are up for some electrifying events in the forthcoming installment.
With tailed beast’s power, Naruto would be invincible, but it would also be his responsibility to ensure the protection of the people of the village.
Just as with great power come great responsibilities, our ninja hero’s abilities will be put to test.
Having a dream of becoming the Hokage, Naruto may soon be one, if he comes out victorious this time.
Naruto has proved many a times that no foe can bring him down in a face-to-face battle, but he is still to make a point, when it comes to witty moves.
Let’s see if he succeeds this time!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Will Danzo’s Death Affect the Entire Ninja Village?

Naruto Shippuden aficionados, wake up!

Danzo is finally dead! And its repercussions can be quite severe since the entire Ninja Village is all set to wage a war against their nemesis, especially the ones who are responsible for Danzo’s death!

Currently, the hubbub over Danzo’s death is echoing in the ears of every other character, especially Naruto’s!

It was a task for Kakashi to give such a piece of news to the entire clan, since the Five Great Shinobi Countries had planned to form Shinobi Alliance in the show’s previous batch.

Now, will it be formed or will the idea be dropped? It remains to be seen, as and when Naruto Shippuden episode 219, entitled ‘Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage’ airs!

Meanwhile, you also witnessed Naruto enquiring about the half-built Konoha. Also, Kakashi is now being considered as the one who might handle Hokage, which was earlier Danzo’s forte.

Speculations are on as to whether Naruto will take part in the war that is expected to be waged by the villagers in the upcoming installment or not.

Nonetheless, my heart says he will, since he was Danzo’s friend and well-wisher.

But, these are mere guesses! We will be acquainted with the reality once the episode airs!

So watch out, all you assassins! Naruto and his gang are coming to get you!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Shinobi World and Akatsuki Fight, While Someone Mysterious Leaps at Ninjas!

For us, the time, out there, is going to be magnificent. With the arrival of Fourth Great Ninja War, the mobilization of Five Great Nations would also arrive. Whether the time would prove difficult for Akatsuki, or not, is not clear, something that is quite clear is, that fans will cherish every single moment!

Naruto Shippuden episode 218 sees the five nations preparing for the battle ahead. They think it is time to confront Akatsuki. In addition, as all the nations have joined hands for this war, they do not want to let go of the chance. They want to perfect the attack first, and then take it out on Akatsuki.

However, the preparations, and ultimately the war, may just turn out to be a failure, for no one is aware of the mysterious man, who is plotting things against them, hoping for a pact with Madara!

As the ninjas watch over their steps, they overlook the danger coming towards them from the Hidden Waterfall Village. It is from this area that the mysterious man is planning to launch an attack on the ninjas.

Therefore, while the nations would be busy sorting out steps on how to go about dealing with Akatsuki, ninjas will have to face attacks from this mysterious man.

He is someone, who wants to join Madara Uchiha. The identity of this mysterious character is unknown yet, but once the upcoming episode, The Five Great Nations Mobilize, arrives, it would make everything quite clear.

With the upcoming segment, we would know who wants to form an alliance with Madara.

Catch this exciting tale from Naruto Shippuden on June 30, 2011!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

“Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations”- brings two age brackets together!

The latest offering from the world of Naruto is making headlines, for one reason or the other! Is it some publicity by the company? Or their new venture is really having controversies tagged along? No comments yet!

Anyway, as per the recent info received on the soon-to-be-released Naruto game, it’s being said that the ultimate game would bring together two stages of the anime series. That means, we’ll get to see the characters from the prequel as well as from the sequel Naruto Shippuden episodes, collectively.

The young Naruto & Naruto Shippuden will be seen taking on the evil, and battling against Zabuza, Haku & Raikage. Joining the team, C and Darui are the recent additions to the long-running video game series.

Being designed for Play-station 3 & X-box 360, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is reported to be a synchronized blend of fun & play. So, no point of staying away!

Well, the release date for the action game has not been announced yet. However, there are vibes in the web-world that Namco Bandai has no plans of introducing the game in the western region. Or, I should say that the game is set to unleash for the European countries only. Now the question to be asked is, would Japan be there on the list, or Namco Bandai is excluding this country as well? Nothing can be said for now.

In case you don’t get to lay your hands on this fun-filled installment of the gaming arena, no need to feel low, as there is much more to relish on the platter of Naruto Shippuden online. So, stay happy!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Clash between Naruto and Sasuke and its Unwarranted Ramifications!

That fight between Naruto and Sasuke was really uncalled for, but then it couldn’t have been averted either!

Tune-in to Naruto Shippuden Episode 217 once it is aired, and witness the ramifications of the clash that bewildered all and sundry in the last few installments.

As Naruto and Sasuke had entered into a fracas with Naruto confessing that he won’t mind losing his life in the fray, and Sasuke being possessive about his decision to conquer the Leaf Village; one thing was sure that each had a concrete reason for drawing out the sword against the other.

Now it would certainly make for an interesting watch as the repercussions of this clash could be disastrous as well!

The upcoming batch would showcase the travails of Gaara and other sand ninjas, who are on their toes as they look out for the ninjas of the Takumi village.

Someone would be springing into action to help the sand ninjas. It would be none other than the Konoha ninjas who, under the leadership of Shikamaru, would help their sand counterparts come out of the current crisis.

While Naruto is recovering from a bad bruise, Sasuke is becoming desperate to have Itachi’s eyes being transplanted.

Would the duo take an aggressive stand against each other yet again? I guess only time has the answer to this one!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Naruto And Sasuke Clash, We Rejoice!

The battle is turning devious with every passing second, errr… episode. Not that we would mind if the battle lasts as long as it can, but seeing Naruto not overpowering his adversaries, requiring help, is something that doesn’t seem well.

Naruto Shippuden episode 216 is putting one such battle in front of us. The clash between Naruto and Sasuke has always hit us hard – that’s because Sasuke’s conviction seems to increase constantly, while Naruto tries everything under the sun.

The upcoming episode, High-Level Shinobi, will be replete with explosions of Rasengan and Chidor, techniques that bring high level of damage, every time they are used. Aided by wonderful special effects, the scene where Naruto and Sasuke fly into air after the explosion, would be etched in your memory for a long time to come.

Though such things are common in Naruto Shippuden, we gape at them like it will be the last time that we would get to see something like this!

Sasuke will receive aid from Zetsu and Madara in this upcoming battle. Circumstances would compel them – along with Sasuke – to recoil back to Akastuki headquarters. Does it mean the fight would end in this segment only? Does it mean that we would have to wait for the next episode to get back into the fighting groove?
Yes, that’s partially correct!

But don’t leave your seat before this installment ends! Naruto has something that he wants to tell Sasuke.
What is it?

While Zetsu and Madara will be keen to return to the headquarters, Naruto will be seen saying something extremely important to Sasuke. The extremity can be understood from the fact that whatever Naruto has got to tell to Sasuke, would affect the lives of both of them.

It has to be extremely imperative then! Make sure you don’t forget to watch ‘High-Level Shinobi!’

Monday, 13 June 2011

What Makes Sakura Haruno Stand Apart From Other Ninja Warriors?

Unlike other manga-turned-anime series, Naruto Shippuden tries not to focus on the grandeur and flamboyance of just one character.

Protagonist Naruto Uzumaki is undoubtedly different, as he is the prime source of breath-taking adventures in the anime show as well as Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series. However, I really feel that besides him, warriors like Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake are equally endowed with all the combat qualities, and can’t be ruled out of the equation.

Take the example of Sakura Haruno, the only female ninja warrior, who is not just capable of striking a fatal blow on her enemies, but has at her disposal the power of healing others.

These innate qualities of Sakura give her the title of medical ninja. And that’s what makes her special and unique in her own way! Don’t you think her presence in Naruto Shippuden episodes is as essential as our flamboyant hero?

Of course it is!

The girl with a broad forehead has made her presence felt not just in anime and manga series, but in almost all the other mediums of entertainment, including video games.

It’s true that being the only female lead, she has the advantage of shining out very easily as the pick-of-the-lot. But, let’s not forget the Sakura’s ability to use jutsu to mend the fatal wounds of others and it is an important factor, adding onto her popularity.

I am pretty sure that her show of supernatural powers compels most of the anime fanatics to download Naruto Shippuden, even after catching it on air.
Well, we can’t help but shower words of praise on the manga artist Masashi Kishimoto, because it was his sublime imagination that had brought a standalone character like Sakura Haruno in the limelight.

The burgeoning popularity of Sakura will keep on soaring as long as the incredible anime has its existence as a genre.

And I am not just predicting it; it’s more of a firm belief!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Beware.....Sakura is in danger in Naruto shippuden episode 214!

Yeah, you read it right! Every mission brings challenges, victory and hopes. And Sakura’s resolution is going to put her life in a challenging situation. You might have seen many fights between Sakura and Sasuke, but the fight that is going to take place now will cross all limits.

Sasuke and Sakura can go to any extent to slay each other, and this truth would assert itself all the more when Sasuke attacks Sakura. In this combat, Sakura will get semi-conscious, but like a true fighter, she will recollect her strength to attack Sasuke.

After defection from his clan, Sasuke’s powers have reached an all time high. When he was the member of Team 7, he used his powers to spread goodness, but now, he is more inclined towards destructive forces.

Earlier, Sakura wanted to bring him back, but now she wants to kill the man before he turns into the biggest threat for the team. The more you watch it, the more you will get to know about the current status of the strange, yet interesting relationship of Sakura and Sasuke.

In Naruto Shippuden episode 214, Sakura will re-energize Karin and get back to the battlefield. It seems that Sasuke doesn’t want to leave any chance to slay his nemesis, attacking him for the second time. Do you think that this fierce, female ninja would be able to complete her mission?

After the detachment of Sasuke, the entire Team 7 will be seen in the same battlefield. The difference is that they will fight against the one who was their own!

Though, bringing back Sasuke is a joint mission of Naruto and Sakura, she seems more aggressive than him. The illusionary powers of Sasuke create illusions, leaving the victim in a dilemma.

I suppose that Naruto’s intervention can bring a dramatic end to this upcoming battle. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Naruto Shippuden 3D - A New Era is set to take the Gaming World by Storm!

It’s needless to mention that the action-packed anime series Naruto Shippuden has been an inspiration behind a number of adventure games. And the latest to hit the gaming world is Naruto Shippuden 3D - The New Era!
Do you want me to discuss the special features of this soon-to-be released video game?
If yes, then read on.
One of the plus points of this new game, which I am sure would delight you, is that its theme is based on the incidents and happenings that we have witnessed in the manga, as well as the anime series.
Well, that means that the players would be able to don the role of swashbuckling ninjas, and flaunt some breathe-taking combat moves.  You won’t believe, when I say that some avid fans would opt to download Naruto Shippuden to enjoy the supernatural ‘chakra’ abilities of the super ninja, Naruto Uzumaki.
I am sure that the new 3D gaming version will take a leaf out of the manga and animation to include the power of chakra.
Another tempting feature of the fresh gaming version is the addition of a new character, Malice. This female ninja character is touted to add a new dimension to the action-adventure game, and I am sure that you will be delighted to grab one of the copies of this 3D game.
As I said before, Naruto Shippuden has given birth to innumerable games. But, I must say that none of the games has been able to surpass the popularity that Naruto Shippuden episodes usually enjoy!
Much of credit for it goes to Masashi Kishimoto, mastermind behind the creation of the ground-breaking series Naruto.
Take a bow Mr. Kishimoto, you truly deserve it!