Sunday, 31 July 2011

Genin, Chunin and Jonin: The Three Ranks of Ninja Warriors! Where Does Naruto Uzumaki Stand?

Naruto Shippuden episodes
There is so much to explore in Naruto World that even if you take a whole year off, you would still find something unknown and unheard, popping out every now and then.
Take for example the Ninja ranks: Genin, Chunin, and Jonin. Each rank has a significance of its own, and all of them play vital role in both the manga and anime series. Having said that, let’s know about the ranks and find out if our hero Naruto Uzumaki comes under any one of these.
The most powerful rank is Jonin, and a highly experienced combatant gets the chance to hold that status. A ninja with the Jonin rank usually gets to undertake A-rank missions in Naruto Shippuden episodes. However, in case of urgent requirements, an experienced Jonin might be assigned S-rank missions, which are touted to be the hardest ones to accomplish.
Next comes, Chunin! Also know as a Journeyman Ninja or Middle Ninja, this rank is given to someone who has passed through the early stage of flaunting his or her prowess. Once a Ninja acquires the leadership qualities, this rank is assigned. A combatant with suck rank is handed over the responsibility of helping out other ninjas.
Last but not the least, we have Genin. This rank is awarded to someone who is relatively new to the art of fighting. Naruto Uzumaki has been attributed the junior Ninja rank, but I believe that he has already transcended its aura, and easily qualifies to become one of the Kage, the most powerful ninja.
With the feisty nine-tailed demon trapped inside him, our flamboyant ninja has the capability to conquer all. Download Naruto Shippuden to find out his new quest, which has Sasuke at stake.
His incredible combat abilities along with the tinge of supernatural do not just find their way into the TV series, but they have also left a mark in other media, including movies.

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