Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Will Danzo’s Death Affect the Entire Ninja Village?

Naruto Shippuden aficionados, wake up!

Danzo is finally dead! And its repercussions can be quite severe since the entire Ninja Village is all set to wage a war against their nemesis, especially the ones who are responsible for Danzo’s death!

Currently, the hubbub over Danzo’s death is echoing in the ears of every other character, especially Naruto’s!

It was a task for Kakashi to give such a piece of news to the entire clan, since the Five Great Shinobi Countries had planned to form Shinobi Alliance in the show’s previous batch.

Now, will it be formed or will the idea be dropped? It remains to be seen, as and when Naruto Shippuden episode 219, entitled ‘Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage’ airs!

Meanwhile, you also witnessed Naruto enquiring about the half-built Konoha. Also, Kakashi is now being considered as the one who might handle Hokage, which was earlier Danzo’s forte.

Speculations are on as to whether Naruto will take part in the war that is expected to be waged by the villagers in the upcoming installment or not.

Nonetheless, my heart says he will, since he was Danzo’s friend and well-wisher.

But, these are mere guesses! We will be acquainted with the reality once the episode airs!

So watch out, all you assassins! Naruto and his gang are coming to get you!

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