Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Shinobi World and Akatsuki Fight, While Someone Mysterious Leaps at Ninjas!

For us, the time, out there, is going to be magnificent. With the arrival of Fourth Great Ninja War, the mobilization of Five Great Nations would also arrive. Whether the time would prove difficult for Akatsuki, or not, is not clear, something that is quite clear is, that fans will cherish every single moment!

Naruto Shippuden episode 218 sees the five nations preparing for the battle ahead. They think it is time to confront Akatsuki. In addition, as all the nations have joined hands for this war, they do not want to let go of the chance. They want to perfect the attack first, and then take it out on Akatsuki.

However, the preparations, and ultimately the war, may just turn out to be a failure, for no one is aware of the mysterious man, who is plotting things against them, hoping for a pact with Madara!

As the ninjas watch over their steps, they overlook the danger coming towards them from the Hidden Waterfall Village. It is from this area that the mysterious man is planning to launch an attack on the ninjas.

Therefore, while the nations would be busy sorting out steps on how to go about dealing with Akatsuki, ninjas will have to face attacks from this mysterious man.

He is someone, who wants to join Madara Uchiha. The identity of this mysterious character is unknown yet, but once the upcoming episode, The Five Great Nations Mobilize, arrives, it would make everything quite clear.

With the upcoming segment, we would know who wants to form an alliance with Madara.

Catch this exciting tale from Naruto Shippuden on June 30, 2011!

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