Thursday, 16 June 2011

Naruto And Sasuke Clash, We Rejoice!

The battle is turning devious with every passing second, errr… episode. Not that we would mind if the battle lasts as long as it can, but seeing Naruto not overpowering his adversaries, requiring help, is something that doesn’t seem well.

Naruto Shippuden episode 216 is putting one such battle in front of us. The clash between Naruto and Sasuke has always hit us hard – that’s because Sasuke’s conviction seems to increase constantly, while Naruto tries everything under the sun.

The upcoming episode, High-Level Shinobi, will be replete with explosions of Rasengan and Chidor, techniques that bring high level of damage, every time they are used. Aided by wonderful special effects, the scene where Naruto and Sasuke fly into air after the explosion, would be etched in your memory for a long time to come.

Though such things are common in Naruto Shippuden, we gape at them like it will be the last time that we would get to see something like this!

Sasuke will receive aid from Zetsu and Madara in this upcoming battle. Circumstances would compel them – along with Sasuke – to recoil back to Akastuki headquarters. Does it mean the fight would end in this segment only? Does it mean that we would have to wait for the next episode to get back into the fighting groove?
Yes, that’s partially correct!

But don’t leave your seat before this installment ends! Naruto has something that he wants to tell Sasuke.
What is it?

While Zetsu and Madara will be keen to return to the headquarters, Naruto will be seen saying something extremely important to Sasuke. The extremity can be understood from the fact that whatever Naruto has got to tell to Sasuke, would affect the lives of both of them.

It has to be extremely imperative then! Make sure you don’t forget to watch ‘High-Level Shinobi!’

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