Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Terror Of Wicked Kabuto Looms Large, Time For Naruto To Call Shots!

Our ninja hero Naruto is unable to decide whether or not to unleash the nine-tailed demon fox within him. On the other hand, wicked Kabuto has already waged a war against the ninja warriors.
Naruto Shippuden episode 222 is likely to bring a dual-minded protagonist, and the need of the situation might compel him to pay a heavy price.
I can assure you that the aftermath of the upcoming incidents would change things in ninja village of Konohagakure forever.

naruto shippudenThe advent of tailed beast means inexplicable destruction, and it’s only up to the super ninja to curb its dark power. Similarly, being a rogue ninja himself, if Kabuto isn’t stopped in time, Konohagakure would soon become a slave village. Double trouble is in order, and it remains to be seen how Naruto utilizes his wit and strength to deal with it.
The real intentions of the rogue ninja are not known, and with Orochimaru's power, making its way into him, Kabuto would be stronger than ever.
If Naruto confronts him, the most baffling part to watch would be the battle between the two ninja warriors. That means we are up for some electrifying events in the forthcoming installment.
With tailed beast’s power, Naruto would be invincible, but it would also be his responsibility to ensure the protection of the people of the village.
Just as with great power come great responsibilities, our ninja hero’s abilities will be put to test.
Having a dream of becoming the Hokage, Naruto may soon be one, if he comes out victorious this time.
Naruto has proved many a times that no foe can bring him down in a face-to-face battle, but he is still to make a point, when it comes to witty moves.
Let’s see if he succeeds this time!

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